Detroit Free Press
October 22, 2006
"He turns delinquents into well-behaved pets"

Observer & Eccentric
October 8, 2006
"Dog trainer leads David Letterman around on show"

Hour Detroit Magazine
October 2, 2006
"The Amazing Russian Dog Wizard"

Oakland Press
April 16, 2006
“Change the owners and dogs will obey”

Suburban Lifestyles
January 3, 2006
"The secret to dog training? An innovative approach"

Troy-summerset Gazette
October 17, 2005
“Who’s Top Dog? Says It Should be the Human”

Observer & Eccentric
October 16,2005
Dog trainer honored

Animal Fair Magazine
Summer issue 2005

Macomb Daily News
July 3, 2005
“Learn to Speak Dogglish”

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May 29, 2005
“Dog Whisperer”

Novi News
March 18, 2004
“Shhhh…Dog Whisperer comes to Northville”

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March 10, 2004
“Alternative Canine Training helps Owners take command”

Birmingham eccentric
January 18, 2004
“Becoming Top Dog”

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October 19, 2003
“Animal Magnetism”

Jewish News
September 26, 2003
“Dog Whisperer”

Ferndale & Pleasant Ridge Mirror
September 11, 2003
“Man’s best Friend may be Dog Trainer”

Advertiser Times
August 27, 2003
“Good canine Discipline requires Speaking the Language of the Dogs”

Detroit News
August 13, 2003
“Owners seek Help for Troubled Pets”

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Madison Park News
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Shelby Utica News & Advertiser Times
The Macomb Township Chronicle
June 25, 2003
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Oakland Press
October 14, 2001
“How do you say Heel in Russian?”

Chapter 9: Success Stories

Ruby's Story (by Kathy Wolak)

I am dedicating this story to Vladae and Bonny who have saved my Dog's life. Ruby is a beautiful Shar-Pei. We bought Ruby 3 years ago as a Christmas surprise for our kids. This was not a rushed decision. We had talked about getting a dog for a few years.

It was a very busy time of year. It was also very cold. Needless to say, Ruby was not being properly socialized. Being socialized was something the breeder had stressed to me when I picked Ruby up. I thought "I've had dogs before, she'll be fine". WRONG!!! After having my (then 2 year old) "playing" with her all day long, Ruby began to show signs of aggression. I noticed whenever family or friends came over, Ruby was fearful. She would go crazy whenever someone rang our doorbell. With us, she was the sweetest dog. She was becoming too protective of her family.

I called several obedience schools and heard the same thing from each one. "We're sorry, we don't take aggressive dogs, we can only do private lessons". I knew this was not what Ruby needed. Ruby needed to be socialized. How could private lessons help her?

I ordered every book I could find, bought every new training gizmo and got nowhere. Then as luck would have it, I took Ruby to the vet for her shots. Ruby was always good at the vet until this day. The vet was trying to show me how to put this new collar on her and Ruby tried to bite her! The vet said "Boy do I have the trainers for you!" They gave me a flyer for "Alternative Canine Training".

I came right home and called. I talked to Bonny and explained what was happening. She was very sincere and helpful. She gave me a ray of hope! I was very excited to start.

Vladae showed up for our first lesson. WOW! I could not believe the difference after just one lesson! He explained to me that Ruby was the "Alpha" of our "Pack" and thought it was her job to protect the family. We had to teach her that protecting the family was MY job. He was so wonderful. He would stay until he knew I was doing the techniques correctly. By the third or fourth lesson, Ruby wasn't even barking at the doorbell! Vladae took ruby and I to a downtown city to get her around people and noises. He also took us to a Pet Store and a Health Food store. He even brought his son over to teach my kids at their level. I am so amazed. Ruby is a new dog from that dog above that had to be locked up when people came over.

THANK YOU Vladae and Bonny for saving my dog's life and for making my life much happier!

Contact Kathy at

Danny’s Story

Hi, my name is Danny. I’m the brindle dog you see next to the very cute Bichon Frises. You can’t tell from the picture, but I used to be aggressive towards dogs.

Here’s my story: I found my forever home five years ago and was very excited to be rescued! For the first time in my life I was loved and cared for by a human companion. After a year or so, my human came home with a friend for me. Her name is Polo. Polo didn’t mind other dogs and she soon became my better half. Polo and I loved our human very much but she never taught us how to behave. As a result, we became frustrated with the lack of leadership and started to act out in ways that were less than desirable. I became very aggressive with other dogs and Polo…well; she just did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, regardless of how upsetting it was to our human. Anyway, my aggression became so severe that my human could no longer take me for a walk around the neighborhood. I felt like I wanted to hurt every dog I came across. I remember my human constantly shouting at me and pulling on the leash. Sometimes I was forcefully pulled back from the other dogs that were passing me by on the street. We had a couple trainers come to the house but none of them could break me of my aggression problem. Then one day, my bad behavior made a turn toward an unsuspecting target and Polo followed my lead.

After seeing this, my human made an appointment for Polo and me to be euthanized. I remember her tears that day. They were accompanied by long hugs and several good byes. It was such a sad day. Her energy was so painful to absorb. Polo and I didn’t mean for this to happen. We didn’t want our human to look so sad and to feel so desperate. We wanted to tell her that our love for her just wasn’t enough to make us behave the way she wanted us to. We needed guidance and we needed to respect her. We wanted so badly to let her know that respect would make us stop hurting others!!

Well, as luck would have it, my human suddenly remembered the name of a very successful dog trainer named Vladae Roytapel. She knew that Vladae would be her last attempt at saving our lives. So she found his phone number and made a call to A.C.T.. That call ended up changing our lives forever.

Here’s the good part: A few days after the call, Vladae came to our house and evaluated Polo and I. He told my human that her lack of leadership was the cause of our misfortune. He told her that if she was willing to take the time and follow his instruction that we wouldn’t have to be euthanized. Polo and I were thrilled at the chance to live a peaceful life and our human began to smile again! Needless to say, the very next day our appointment to be euthanized was cancelled and never rescheduled!

Vladae taught our human so many things about obedience training and canine behavior. He was so patient with her and he was so gentle, yet firm with me and Polo. Our human finally became a consistent leader and our behavior improved dramatically. Polo and I are living proof of Vladae’s ability to rehabilitate dogs with behavior issues. My human is living proof of Vladae’s ability to teach people how to become a pack leader. There’s an expression humans like to say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Please look at the picture of me and the Bichons. You can see the peace in my eyes. You can see that I don’t want to hurt these dogs. This picture proves that Vladae can perform miracles!! This is how my story ends.

Danny Biddinger
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Click here to read even more success stories!

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