Welcome to Alternative Canine Training a Michigan Dog Training company that provides top notched dog training solutions for dogs all all sizes. Vladae Roytapel is Metro Detroit's leading dog training expert. As compared to other dog training companies Alternative Canine Training expert knowledge on all types of dog problems and solutions. Alternative Training built a cutting edge website to provide free dog training tip by the world famous Russian Dog Wizard Vladae Roytapel. World class dog training in Metro Detroit now offers no nonense dog behavior problem solutions all on the world's first and only patent pending dog training system on DVD. Michigan leading dog trainer Vladae Roytapel the Russian Dog Wizard welcomes you to tour our ultimate dog training website.
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Video testimonials from a few of our customers
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Karen Venton Click here for video
Vicky Paulinski Click here for video
Sophia Ortega-Cordell Click here for video
Brian Holly Click here for video
Margaret Koczynski Click here for video
Christie Drury Click here for video
Jeff Winokur Click here for video

Video testimonials from a few of our celebrity clients
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Bill Bonds, former Detroit anchorman/LEGEND Click here for video
Dr. Ron Isaacson, famous Michigan Veterinarian Click here for video
Kirk Maltby, NHL player Click here for video
Paula Tutman, NBC Detroit affiliate reporter Click here for video

Written testimonials from a few of our customers

Richard Ambramson: Your DVDs are amazing. The results were immediate and miraculous. Your techniques are incredible. The dogs actually look forward to the training sessions. We are now able to fully enjoy them as the beloved members of our family that they are.
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Wanda Mroz: Star is doing very well... she is not the little terror she was before you walked into our home. I still am amazed at how changed she was after your first visit. She is a wonderful dog and without your help, she'd still be running the house, I'm sure!
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Kathy Wolak: I am dedicating this story to Vladae and Bonny who have saved my Dog's life. Ruby is a beautiful Shar-Pei. We bought Ruby 3 years ago as a Christmas surprise for our kids. This was not a rushed decision. We had talked about getting a dog for a few years.
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Danny Biddinger (told by dog): found my forever home five years ago and was very excited to be rescued! For the first time in my life I was loved and cared for by a human companion. After a year or so, my human came home with a friend for me. Her name is Polo. Polo didn’t mind other dogs and she soon became my better half. Polo and I loved our human very much but she never taught us how to behave. As a result, we became frustrated with the lack of leadership and started to act out in ways that were less than desirable.
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Leslie Hensley and family: I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. I can't believe that our lessons are over and we have our big teddy bear back and better than ever. I knew that Great Pyrenees are often called the gentle giants and I couldn't understand the recent change in his personality.
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Arizona Saddlery: We at Arizona Saddlery are very grateful and blessed to have Vladae as our dog trainer. Our Shiba Inu's were at a critical stage of aggression towards one another. The dogs were kept on leads at seperate locations in our business thus creating high level of aggression and frustration beyond our manageability.
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Karen: I wanted to write you and thank you for coming today in the first step Jake took to obedience! When I Saw him walking in the park with you, and Not leading, but following, I almost cried! I really love my dog, and I worried after I got him that he would never be able to learn the right things. Then..........God sent me YOU!
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Miles Kennedy: My wife and I both want to express to you our appreciation of the excellent dog and owner training you provided our family. As you know, we had concerns with our Labrador puppy's sometimes too playful behavior toward my wife and daughter, but as importantly, we wanted a very well behaved, happy and friendly family dog. This and more has been accomplished with your comprehensive instruction.
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Judy Kwitt: Last Sept. 28th I rescued a heavily matted, docile LHASA APSO of about 2-3 years of age. I brought this scruffy, little angel home to be a loving, schmoozey companion to my invalid Mom (age 89) and me. I named her WINNIE after 4 days of observing her soft, loving POOH-BEAR demeanor. After 6 weeks of doting affection and inconsistent boundary setting, WINNIE-THE-SHREW appeared and took over the house as a self-appointed "ALPHA" leader. I was desperate.
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Success Stories Featured Nation Wide

06/01/08 HomeTowmLife "Dog Wizardry Makes a Miracle"
02/16/08 Oakland Press "Dog Wizard helps canines improve their behavior"
10/30/07 KUDOS Sedona Arizona "Magic unfolds with Vladae The Dog Wizard."
CAPS "CAPS Companion Animal Protection Society complement Vlade’s job working with rescued dogs"
10/16/07 Dailey Tribune Dog Czar specializes in last chances. "Trainer works with aggressive pets ..."
9/1/2007 Monthly Pet Magazine "The Dog Wizard" (cover on right)
2/22/2007 Arizona Republic "Dog Wizard comes to town"
10/22/2006 Detroit Free Press "He turns delinquents into well-behaved pets"
10/8/2006 Observer & Eccentric "Dog trainer leads David Letterman around on show"
10/2/06 Hour Detroit Magazine "The Amazing Russian Dog Wizard"
4/16/2006 Oakland Press “Change the owners and dogs will obey”
1/3/2006 Suburban Lifestyles "The secret to dog training? An innovative approach"
10/17/2005 Troy-summerset Gazette “Who’s Top Dog? Says It Should be the Human”
10/16/2005 Observer & Eccentric Dog trainer honored"
09/22/05 ClickonDetroit "Ruth to the Rescue"
7/3/2005 Macomb Daily “Learning to speak 'doglish'”
5/29/2005 Oakland Press “Dog Whisperer”
3/18/2004 Northville Record "Shhhh...Dog Whisperer comes to Northville"
3/10/2004 Royal Oak Review "Alternative Canine Training helps owners take command"
1/18/2004 Observer & Eccentric "Becoming a "top dog"
10/19/2003 Macomb Daily “Animal Magnetism”
9/27/2003 Advertiser Times “Good canine Discipline requires Speaking the Language of the Dogs”
9/26/2003 Jewish News “Dog Whisperer”
9/11/2003 Ferndale & Pleasant Ridge Mirror “Man’s best Friend may be Dog Trainer”
8/27/2003 Grosse Pointe Times “Canine Discipline: dog language required”
8/13/2003 Detroit News “Owners seek Help for Troubled Pets”
6/25/2003 Birmingham – Bloomfield Eagle “Pet Peeves”
6/9/2003 Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle “Pet Peeves”
10/14/2001 Oakland Press “How do you say Heel in Russian?”

Radio Testimonials:

Vladae's clients speak on the National radio.
Click Here to listen to Diane
Click Here to listen to Marie Skladd,
Director of Michigan Animal Adoption Networks

97.1 FM - Detroit - Caller: Craig
"Within an hour's time, my dog went from a jerk to minding him. Now she is an angel."

97.1 FM - Detroit - Caller: Donna
"I went through three trainers over three years, and thousands of dollars, with no results. I hired Vladae and within 6 months I was in a dog park with my dog."

97.1 FM - Detroit - Caller: Donna #2
"Vlad came to my home - 5 sessions and I have an obedient animal."

97.1 FM - Detroit - Caller: Todd
"Within 15 minutes, Vladae had it whupped."

97.1 FM - Detroit - Caller: Dennis
"My dog bit me in the face! Now our dog is the bext behaved dog I have ever seen."

Vladae on Television
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3/22/07 FOX 7 Austin, TX "Dog Wizard Helps FOX 7 Reporter with Dog Obedience "Click here to view
3/22/07 FOX 7 Austin, TX "The Dog Wizard - Vladae Roytapel "Click here to view
3/29/07 FOX 7 Austin, TX "The Dog Wizard - Barking & Behavior"Click here to view
Michigan’s Bad Dog TV Contest Winner on Fox WJKB 2
Click here to veiw the archives of the FOX2 show

Fox WJBK 2 aff Co-hosting Weekly Morning Show “DOG WIZARD”
Click here to view the archives of the Fox2 show

Vladae on the Internet

Vladae on the IACP site

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Vladae's Awards

NBC Detroit Affiliate Best Dog Trainer Award
Animal Fair Magazine: Detroit Dog Whisperer

State of Michigan Award

Michigan Tails magazine

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