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Dear Vladae,
I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. I can't believe that our lessons are over and we have our big teddy bear back and better than ever. I knew that Great Pyrenees are often called the gentle giants and I couldn't understand the recent change in his personality.

He was always such a lovable dog until about six months ago when he started to become aggressive towards some, but not all of my friends and my sons girlfriend. When I spoke to his breeders and they told me that at two years of age he was going through his adolescence and taking his job, as a protector, very seriously. I was very worried that I would have to find him a new home. I was so nervous to have him around my friends because I never knew how he was going to act. I would put him in his crate while I had company. You not only trained my dog you taught me how to be in control and at the same time be relaxed. I now have him around my friends and I take him with me when I do my errands. People stop me and ask to pet him all the time. They comment on how well behaved he is. I joke with them and tell them that "WE went to Russian boot camp!". My friends cannot believe the change in him and my sons girlfriend is now his best buddy.

I have to be honest with you. I was skeptical when we first began our lessons I didn't think that in just ten lessons I would have a dog that would be "off leash" trained. You helped me to understand the canine world and become the leader of my pack. The way you conducted the lessons with redoing obedience training and using proper commands along with body language really made a difference. I also liked the way you addressed Tahoe's behavioral problems by including some of my friends, other dogs and total strangers in his training.

Thanks again for helping us get back our big teddy bear!With great appreciation,

Leslie Hensley and family

P.S. I am now considering having Tahoe become a therapy dog because he draws so much attention.

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