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Secrets of the Russian Dog
Wizard and MORE Secrets of the Russian Dog Wizard

Featuring Vladae Roytapel and Bonny Wainz,, 2006

Vladae Roytapel has earned the title “Dog Wizard” and deservedly so. These two DVDs are chock full of practical, easy ways to train your family pet. The examples are clear and provide ample helpings of a great sense of humor. After seeing Vladae in person at the recent Body•Mind•Spirit FESTIVAL in April, I knew I had to check out these videos myself. His sense of humor and love for animals is evident in his training and in the booklets he includes with each DVD. He teaches you a new language, Dogglish, so that you can successfully communicate with your pet. The lessons include how to walk your dog on a loose leash, teaching your dog to come to you every time, even teaching your dog street manners so you can take them shopping! He believes you can train your pet so well that you never have to use a leash again. Well, I can personally attest to how well his techniques work. Within a couple of minutes I trained my little Boo to sit, go down and stay. And it took me another few minutes to get him to recognize and go into his little bed.

Vladae really knows his stuff. If your pet is running your house and you, I recommend checking out these DVDs and you, too, can become the Alpha dog of your house! And for you Vladae, I have these final words of praise in your Dogglish, “Good Boy! Good Boy!”

Reviewed by Cindy Saul

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