Welcome to Alternative Canine Training a Michigan Dog Training company that provides top notched dog training solutions for dogs all all sizes. Vladae Roytapel is Metro Detroit's leading dog training expert. As compared to other dog training companies Alternative Canine Training expert knowledge on all types of dog problems and solutions. Alternative Training built a cutting edge website to provide free dog training tip by the world famous Russian Dog Wizard Vladae Roytapel. World class dog training in Metro Detroit now offers no nonense dog behavior problem solutions all on the world's first and only patent pending dog training system on DVD. Michigan leading dog trainer Vladae Roytapel the Russian Dog Wizard welcomes you to tour our ultimate dog training website.
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Contact Vladae:
For interviews, please contact Vladae Roytapel 248/835-5921
email: vladae@vladae.com

Hands-on Training Inquiries Only: 734-462-2810
Product Orders: 888-DOG-WIZARD (888-364-9492)

Possible interview topics:

  • Speaking Dogglish, Not English (Cracking the Code of Dog Language)
  • Why In The U.S. Pets Are More Misbehaved than In Any Other Country.
  • 3 Secret Rules and 3 Secret Structures to Fix Your Dog For Life.
  • Democratic Pet Owners VS. Republican Pet Owners.
  • Learn How to Rescue Yourself From Your Own Dog.
  • Dogs and Democracy.
  • European Pet Owners VS. American Pet Owners.
  • The 5 Smartest Breeds and the 5 Dumbest.
  • Hyper Activity, Learning Disabilities, and Doggy ADD All Have A Common Factor.
  • A Magic Wand In Dog Training Does Exist, and The KGB Knew It Long Ago.
  • Fixing Your Problem Dog With The Speed of A Russian Satellite Guided Missile.
  • Revealing The Secret Communicative Language which was taught to me by my first mute human teacher.
  • Is Ever Puppy Created Equal?
  • Leadership secrets for people comes from the canine pack.
  • What To Do When Love Is Not Enough And Your Dog becomes an Alpha Terrorist. People all over Michigan Call Vladae 911 To The Rescue.

Success Stories Featured Nation Wide

06/01/08 HomeTowmLife "Dog Wizardry Makes a Miracle"
02/16/08 Oakland Press "Dog Wizard helps canines improve their behavior"
10/30/07 KUDOS Sedona Arizona "Magic unfolds with Vladae The Dog Wizard."
CAPS "CAPS Companion Animal Protection Society complement Vlade’s job working with rescued dogs"
10/16/07 Dailey Tribune Dog Czar specializes in last chances. "Trainer works with aggressive pets ..."
9/1/2007 Monthly Pet Magazine "The Dog Wizard" (cover on right)
2/22/2007 Arizona Republic "Dog Wizard comes to town"
10/22/2006 Detroit Free Press "He turns delinquents into well-behaved pets"
10/8/2006 Observer & Eccentric "Dog trainer leads David Letterman around on show"
10/2/06 Hour Detroit Magazine "The Amazing Russian Dog Wizard"
4/16/2006 Oakland Press “Change the owners and dogs will obey”
1/3/2006 Suburban Lifestyles "The secret to dog training? An innovative approach"
10/17/2005 Troy-summerset Gazette “Who’s Top Dog? Says It Should be the Human”
10/16/2005 Observer & Eccentric Dog trainer honored"
09/22/05 ClickonDetroit "Ruth to the Rescue"
7/3/2005 Macomb Daily “Learning to speak 'doglish'”
5/29/2005 Oakland Press “Dog Whisperer”
09/26/04 Community Life "My Puppy is on th eMost Wanted List " Pic1
08/01/04 Eccentric Life "From Russia With Love Comes Way of Raising Puppys " Pic1 Pic2
6/20/2004 #### "People are Crazy Dogs are Ok " Pic1
3/18/2004 Northville Record "Shhhh...Dog Whisperer comes to Northville" Pic1 Pic2
3/10/2004 Royal Oak Review "Alternative Canine Training helps owners take command" Pic1 Pic2
1/18/2004 Observer & Eccentric "Becoming a "top dog"
10/19/2003 Macomb Daily “Animal Magnetism” Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
9/27/2003 Advertiser Times “Good canine Discipline requires Speaking the Language of the Dogs”
9/26/2003 Jewish News “Dog Whisperer”Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic 5
9/11/2003 Ferndale & Pleasant Ridge Mirror “Man’s best Friend may be Dog Trainer” Pic1
8/27/2003 Advertiser Times “Good Canine Discipline requiers speaking the language of dogs” Pic1 Pic2
8/27/2003 Grosse Pointe Times “Canine Discipline: dog language required” Pic1 Pic2
8/13/2003 Detroit News “Owners seek Help for Troubled Pets” Pic1 Pic2
6/25/2003 Birmingham – Bloomfield Eagle “Pet Peeves”
6/18/2003 Sterling Heights- Sentry “Pet Peeves” Pic1
6/9/2003 Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle “Pet Peeves”
10/14/2001 Oakland Press “How do you say Heel in Russian?” Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

Vladae Live in the studio with WKLH's Dave & Carole,
Milwaukee's #1 Morning Show!

"Vladae has done great morning interviews (with listeners phone callers) on numerous Saga Stations. He is witty, entertaining, and funny… he will not disappoint you or your listeners. If you have any questions regarding Vladae or his performance please feel free to contact me."

Edward K. Christian
Presdient and C.E.O.

Listen to Vladae weekly on XM ch 158 every Saturday at 12A.M. and Sunday at 9 a.m. as a part of animal radio show.

Vladae on Frank DeCaro Show Sirius satellite radio 06/02/08

Listen to It's A Doggy Dog World with Liz Palika, Kate Abbott & Petra Burke on Pet Life Radio!

Vladae on the radio:

5/16/2008 Vladae on Magic 105.1 with Jim Harper
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

10/16/2007 Vladae the Russian Dog Wizard on Sunny 100 KVNA AM/FM
Listen to it

9/19/2007 Vladae on Good Morning Carolina WOXL 96.5
8/22/07 Joy Turner Interview "Talk With Your Animals" Listen
3/27/07 Holstein & Company, Illinois WIXY 100.3 FM Listen
3/13/07 Dog Trainer Extraordinaire WKLH 96.5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin SECOND VISIT
Listen to part 1: Coming Soon
Listen to part 2: Coming Soon

3/13/07 The Best of Holstein & Company, Illinois WIXY 100.3 FM
3/13/07 Morning Show Springfield Illinois WOBR
2/22/07 Dog Trainer Extraordinaire WKLH 96.5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin FIRST VISIT
Listen to part 1: Coming Soon
Listen to part 2: Coming Soon

2/17/07 104.9 The Fox KDXY-FM Jonesboro, AR

2/15/07 Max & Bastool Bob Show 1005 WYMG Springfield, Illinois
1/22/07 Star 102.5 “Good Morning Iowa with Big Ken and Coleen” Des Moines, Iowa

1/18/07 Coast 93-1 “Morning Show” Portland, Maine
1/04/07 Sunny 95 “Dino, Stacey, & Shawn in the Morning” Columbus, Ohio
12/15/06 AM 800 - Canada - “Live with Lynn Martin”

11/14/06 Animal Radio “Russian Cesar Millian”

08/31/05 Oldies WOMC 104.3 Vladae “DOG WIZARD” with Dick Purtan: Listen

01/28/04 Greater Media Magic 105.1 Vladae The Dog The Dog Whisperer: Listen

02/07/05 Motor City Midday 97.1 FM with Gregg Henson and Michelle Mc Kormick: Listen

07/14/05 State of Michigan Government Award - Listen to the media coverage of Vladae's Government Award: Listen

11/27/05 WJR News Talk Russian Dog Wizard
Dog Wizard with Dr. Don Show

Vladae on America’s Earliest Morning Show with Peter Tilden .02/15/08

Vlade's clients speak on the National radio.
Click Here to listen to Diane
Click Here to listen to Marie Skladd,
Director of Michigan Animal Adoption Networks


Vladae on Television
2/15/2008 FOX 11 Los Angeles "Candidates & Canines: Dog Wizard Raps For Super Tuesday "
Click here to view
1/16/2008 ABC 11 Los Angeles "Must-See Video: Candidates in the Dog World " Click here to view
9/10/2007 ABC 12 "Russian Dog Wizard Comes to Milwauke" Click here to view
7/27/07 CNN The Situation Room “Flying Dog is Grounded" Click here to read the transcript
3/22/07 FOX 7 Austin, TX "Dog Wizard Helps FOX 7 Reporter with Dog Obedience "Click here to view
3/22/07 FOX 7 Austin, TX "The Dog Wizard - Vladae Roytapel "Click here to view
3/29/07 FOX 7 Austin, TX "The Dog Wizard - Barking & Behavior"Click here to view
1/07/07 NBC 10 “Russian Dog Whisperer"
12/12/06 ABC 13 “Russian Dog Whisperer”
11/17/06 ABC 15 Arizona “Meet Molly's Trainer”
11/16/06 FOX 10 Arizona “Dog Wizard”
11/15/06 “Good Morning Arizona”
Starting on 07/15/06 Fox WJBK 2 aff Co-hosting Weekly Morning Show “DOG WIZARD” Click here to view
10/02/03 NBC WDIV Dertoit aff Dog Whisperer news: Click here to view
05/06/05 NBC WDIV Detroit aff Dog Whisperer Breaking News: Click here to view
05/22/05 NBC WDIV Detroit aff Dog Trainer Extraordinary
07/14/05 NBC WDIV Detroit aff Best Dog Trainer Avard
10/06/04 ABC WXYZ Detroit aff Dog Whisperer Action News Channel 7 Click here to view

Vladae on the Internet

Vladae on the IACP site

The Russian Dog Wizard. New, European Training Systems, News and Dog Resources
American Leading Animal Behaviorist and Best Selling Author

Free Tips by The Canine Agression Expert
Bruce Thabit
National Reknown Attorney Specilized in Dog Bite Laws

Vladae's Awards

NBC Detroit Affiliate Best Dog Trainer Award
Animal Fair Magazine: Detroit Dog Whisperer

State of Michigan Award - Listen to the media coverage of Vladae's Government Award:

Michigan Tails magazine

National / International Speaking Engagements


July 24th: Detroit, MI – The Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN) announces a very special question and answer session with Vladae Roytapel, "The Russian Dog Wizard"! 

The event will take place at Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort & Spa, located at 23720 Greater Mack in St. Clair Shores.  It runs from 7pm to 8:30pm on Thursday, July 24th. There is a $10 registration fee and is open to any dog owner.  Humans only, please.

Many dog owners experience out of control dogs: barking non-stop, pulling on their leash, chewing owners' belongings, digging in the backyard, growling or possibly biting and do not know how to resolve these issues.  Vladae Roytapel has answers to all common canine behavioral issues!

Roytapel has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox, the Animal Radio Network and XM Satellite Radio.  His techniques are common sense and easy to pick up – no matter what stage of life a dog is in.

"Over the last 15 years the Michigan Animal Adoption Network office has consistently received phone calls from dog owners wanting to "surrender" their animals due to behavioral issues.   Our goal for the program would be to assist owners in dealing with behavioral issues that may easily be fixed in order to keep the animal in it's current home", said Marie Skladd, President, Michigan Animal Adoption Network. 

"An Evening with Vladae Roytapel" is sponsored by Pet Supplies Plus, MAAN and Pet Ritz Lakeshore.  To make your reservation or for more information, please contact Network Manager, Chris Wisswell at 248-545-5055 or via e-mail at:

Founded in 1994, the Michigan Animal Adoption Network, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for animal rescue in the Metro Detroit area. MAAN frequently engages in special promotions and fundraising efforts. MAAN is continually strives for new and different ways to educate the public, to raise money to continue its rescue efforts, and to find loving homes for homeless pets.

To date MAAN has placed more than 4,000 animals through the Adopt-A-Pet program. Some are strays often picked up by Animal Care Network volunteers on their rounds; some are rescued from shelters; most are given up by their owners.

The Animal Care Network, a division of MAAN, is a dedicated group of volunteers who work every weekend in low-income areas in suburban Wayne and Oakland counties providing relief to strictly outdoor pets.


Past Events
9/08/07 Public appearance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Friends of Nature N88 W1548 Main St. - Menomonee Falls
10/27/07 Hosting Pet-A-Palooza in Sedona, Arizona 2007 The International Association of Canine Professionals Conference 2007.
8/28/07 Hosting Michigan’s Biggest Pet Event Pet-A-Palooza
8/11/07 Hosting Pure Breed Pet A Palooza
7/28/07 Petpalooza (featuring over 10,000 pet owners and 800 shelter organizations)
4/29/07 Phenomenon News Special Bio Energy Conference (over 5,000 attendess expected)
4/19/07 Detroit City Government
2/26/07 Birmingham Rotary Club
6/25/06 Waterford Public Library
Ford Motor Company’s 1st Annual Adopt-A-Pet Day! September 30th 2006.
The 8th Annual Bark in the Park. August 12th & 13th 2006.
The Village Club (Women’s organization). September 20, 2006.
The Mid West Borzoi Club. January 5th 2005

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